Poetry Squares

by Marta Gazzola

the perfect outfit

Meraviglia! Beauty
is in the mirror, to be seen.
What a wonderful scene!

Do I really belong
to the infinite dream? Ain’t it just fantasy?
Is this song that I hear
the sempiternal struggle between right and wrong?
Or is it just one way to get along?
All what I left stands still around me
but my hands now hold only what is meant to be.
Let the party begin!

Finally, it’s me whom I see
whenever I cross reality.
Vedo quel che sento
e canto l’incanto del mondo che invento.
Ruota la gonna e tra le pieghe
della mia mantella canta
e balla una stella ricamata
da me.

The healer is healed
and the party is now parted,
for there is for it no need,
but we party nonetheless
because we love, oh we do love our silly mess.


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