Senza patria
a guardar the waters falling
down, touch
the ground.

Alles! Alles wird zerfallen!

Madreperla. Madrelingua mescolatasi
got messed up with
sandy sounds that I rescued
during my detours on the round.

Nuisances. Bruits, ne me
sont pas étrangers non plus
les musiciens du monde et
tutto diventa goccia
e tutto canta
e m’incanta la cascata
con i racconti e le storie di giorni lontani.

I stare at the root of an old tree: die
hält alles, uns alles, zusammen,
aber Alles, Alles wird bald zerfallen
and all that will stay
is the Love that we share
here, today.

how would you make the poetess happier?