There, in the blue sky
ho scoperto che anche gli angeli
si commuovono per un arcobaleno.

Hier, goldene Rahmen bewahren
meine autentische Lärm
and only in midday light
I can find my place in the Harmonie.

Have you ever studied by night?
Y a t-il des arcs-en-ciel
aussi dans l’obscurité sans rêves?

Gut ist da, um geliebt zu sein
e l’amore, si sa, va fatto per bene
so please! Read me, please
find me and heal me and
make my sound a true wonder!

Pick Me! Choose me! Let me
be your fantasy into the lovely e impara
a distinguermi, e poi di baci
in mille e mille baci scioglimi.

This piece was inspired by and has the same title of an artwork by my husband, Federico Faraci.