by Marta Gazzola

in a glass of wine

Last night I asked the Universe
how can I help the seasons and how
can I tell humanity the infinite Love?

The Universe replied with a sound
of pain and sorrow and asked me back
why do you worry?

I stopped worrying and felt lonely
so the Universe brought me
to see the unknown mystery.

What does it mean to be conscious?
Feeling lost in compassion.


Yes, Universe, I know we were happy
but God doesn’t hug me
if I fight too much for Joy.
He wants me to embrace

the Glory.

I need to put an End to this story.

Do I need to feel hungry
o potrò, finalmente, un giorno,
chiedere Vita senza averne bisogno?

Esco dal tempo. Rientro.

God knew I was ready
for the parallel living
and I can feel the hug he promised

when I can be His hug,

tra una persona morta e una giornata storta.

Sorrido. Ora vi vedo.

Aiutatemi anche voi, vi prego,
ad essere Marta.

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