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Mese: gennaio 2020

mit Fede

BrRRr and a big bear
or just another Yah!?


She knows us both
e la Sua Volontà.
But we? Wir
sind lost in reality,
am Rande des Lebens spielen wir
der Tod und das Atmen.


Was würde passieren
wenn nobody could see us, if
no One could tell us
the World?

oh, Heiliges!
Lass uns darüber nicht denken!
Lass uns another name
per la nostra Arte finden!

We tried and chose NIENTE
to protect our souls from the
great scent of brilliance.

Ma valeva la pena d’esser felici
se non si può esistere, vivere, amarci
così come è scritto
nel nostro chiamarci

It’s now time to enter
nella corrente, like a salmon to trust
la nostra sorgente.

Are we finally building a

Saltando l’ostacolo
stiamo ancora correndo
to reach our dream and
to call Her by name.

Life is nur waiting for us to be

honeydew (lighter is the green)

how many hands
can a heart have?

how many breathes
can a life sustain?

how much sand
there is at the bottom
down of the sea
and how many bees
around a Christmas tree?

are my chains
still on?
are your freedoms
free kingdoms already?

Let the answers be found
in the sound
of a little seed, growing,

shaping its story

out of its round.

Let us be the ground
of our rooms
in reality.

Are we ready
for the bigger dimension?

Sweet is the house
that we do not question.


In your day
you are looking far away
in the sky, looking for
un profumo, un ricordo nuovo,
una luce che credevi
per sempre persa.

Scosti dal volto
e dalla tua grotta lanci il grido irrisolto
di sempre.

Oh, Gott wo bist du? Warum
ist hier immer so dunkel?
Es funkelt
ein Stern im himmlischen Frieden
ma ti volti a cercare
la tua coda, ferita.

Cosa sei?

Quella stella non è una promessa vuota
ma an incredible world
for an amazing journey,

per una dolce casa.

Da domani inizierà nuova vita.