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Mese: maggio 2020

crossings (a reminder)

the sun shining shiny over my head
draws History on my naked skin
and clouds pass by to tell my heart
I need to walk and work on this part.

we met
there where time appears and places
change in shape – they last

we grew
there where we build and maintain
the gardens we share

but Life begins
where our worlds end
and in following the destinies we have
to overcome old darknesses.

but life begins, and ends
there where our words blend.

so let’s forget
all of our passions and
stop pretend
we don’t care about the neighbours
or the mothers or the earth

and let’s instead
that all the colours are just One
and let’s hold kindness
into these hands.

everywhere and always
we choose to be
more than several, together only
if truly free.


I was looking at that tree
as always, when I dared to be,
and you were far away from me,
lost in a vision you could not yet see.

How did we
meet se non per caparbietà,
per l’illusione di poterci sottrarre
al nostro destino?

Mi parlavano di libertà e d’amore
e io, io credevo di non aver metà né fine
but one path had been chosen for me, too
and it is a path full of wonders.

It is

a life in the existing universes.

Ich bin da, wherever
you are, whenever
si tracci il tuo cammino e tu,
Tu sei dove noi due, tutti

diventiamo uno.

That path is your History, come
and tell Me

how to turn – a dove!
into Life all the golden miseries.


fui seme
nel buio
poi pioggia
e deserto nell’inverno di neve
che a primavera si rivelò bosco

fui fiore
nel giorno
poi bruco e farfalla
e fui vento
fino a cadere a terra, matura,
in un tonfo di frutto
fui marcia.

fui seme
forte, nel buio,
poi terra, fertile,
e, da quando sei nata,

eterno consiglio.