under the stars, in broad daylight (a reminder)

the sun shining shiny over my head
draws History on my naked skin
and clouds pass by to tell my heart
I need to walk and work on this part.

we met
there where time appears and places
change in shape – they last

we grew
there where we build and maintain
the gardens we share

but Life begins
where our worlds end
and in following the destinies we have
to overcome old darknesses.

but life begins, and ends
there where our words blend.

so let’s forget
all of our passions and
stop pretend
we don’t care about the neighbours
or the mothers or the earth

and let’s instead
that all the colours are just One
and let’s hold kindness
into these hands.

everywhere and always
we choose to be
more than several, together only
if truly free.

this piece is part of a project titled “under the stars, in broad daylight” by Eva Gal

find out more at www.evagal.net
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