again in der Wüste
meiner Gedanken, I am
looking for a space to settle
down to the earth. I find
nur Sand, nichts zu fassen

if I look up – there
is no sky – nur Licht
gibt es, nur hard rays of joy
without a reason, without
any hope d’esser con voi.

So I dig, dig, dig,
dig till I find acqua
che scorre
che suona
che brilla
nel buio delle mie fantasie
e qui
nel mio petto
e lì
in a flow I can let flow
becoming a rock, a stone,
granello di sabbia,
di nuovo perduto, di nuovo

tutto, I just want to
find the Skorpion who reminds me
that life is near, so close it’s me
– the time is now! – wo
steckt mein Raum?

in meinem Körper
is the whole universe

but I cannot tell
any distance.

I am a point
without further existence.