illustrated multilignual poetry


ich spüre. Kraft. Müdigkeit.

how bin ich? bin ich
bereits bereit?

this mask, what is supposed to see?
oltre i disegni, I know we are free.

ich spüre. Verwirrung – no rules,
no roles as I accept to be
both the tender tender world
and the wounding hart sword.

ich spüre. Authenticity.

We are a motion, we
are Verwandlung
and there is no way to stop us
from being a miracle.

ich spüre weiter – und weiter finde ich
das Leben. what is about to last? an instant
forever gone. we are
the Whole – we´re it all.

ich spüre. Love.

e ad occhi aperti, con gli occhi chiusi
che cosa vedo? inciampo
as I want to fly, and fly! but

I feel – rooted

e allora vivo.

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