by Marta Gazzola

black (not a shadow, not a hole)

Loneliness. I feel

this. All. it’s

my voice speaking,
it’s your voice, it’s
the voice of the creation, of
the creator, of creativity and recreation.

then, I hear someone

whisper – I am with You.

and it’s my voice, it’s
your voice, it’s the voice of –
doesn’t matter anymore. what
matters is the sound. it is what stands
here right now:

a whole

life. I am reborn. where
are You? –

I ask
and then again, I feel lonely and lost

in my mode, in my mood.

my way out is to be grateful. that’s
my purpose
and it is where I forget to look around for companions and I just am

a lover in this messy whole.

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