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Categoria: nuances

infinite colourful shades, one great existence

indigo (twilight, twilight)

Walking alone

alone talking about Nature
and the divine forces
behind us creatures

I heard the spirits
whispering loud
to talk to the natural
– not to the crowd.

Opened my eyes,
the heart and the soul
to be filled with the Spirit
who cannot be told.

We walked further down
till the gate where I stop
and He opened my hand
and my arms to the world

we create altogether
on the ways that we chose

where the flowers are blooming
as their days have now come.

cream (warmest ice)

a white white blanket
covered one day
our town

in a hug full of children
running around

and the lights
in the night
made us shine, made us

find a new path
on the old old ground.

today it shines
the Sun
and you
and I
are still
– not walking –


the town, the old one
is not yet still,
– still – it is covered
and the new one is
yet to be built – or yet
to be seen?

time is moving fast. we
are going to be present, we
are what these times need.

(detachment and joy) terrestrial blue

we were sitting in the square,
under the circle of a golden street light,
singing a song to let our shadows
dance in delight

then a thunder broke into the sky
and the sky cracked and a huge crowd
of dropping drops dropped down

and we started walking into the town

but how
could we see Him?

along the main road
at the big central cross
was sitting an old man,
smiling to strangers
to turn them to friends,
shaking the hands
of those meant to leave,
or telling the stars
to turn off the dream.

in the following hours,
on a narrow side street,
we met a new river
and the roots of a tree
longing for rain days,
looking for You

and we are now resting
and share our views.

what’s happening?

this evening

we are all going to die,
for He – All that is living –

will live our lives.