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Categoria: soulitudes

in the universes


and it rains
everytime I want to bike,
it rains.

but it rains
everytime I want to bike,
it rains.

so it rains
everytime I want to bike.
if it rains
everytime I need to bike,
I’ll get rather wet
in a desperate crying.

so I never want to bike,
never need to ride my bike,
just a look at two idle wheels
awakes me in a calm warm wind.

I’ll keep searching in the sky,
waiting for the sun to shine,
then I’ll hug my bike and smile,
cry of joy and ground my life.


the daughter (a second experiment)

How comes that the three
becomes a full four? How does
the added one get the floor?

And if it is me
that wants to be three, how
do I get back home?

But since it is you
out there in the blue
wearing a suit and trying to
spring, I’m going to stay.

We will dance forever and ever
till the end of the last day
just as two lovers, just as you say.