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Lang lebe der Teddy!

Il coraggio di lasciarti andare
l’ho trovato nella voglia di mare.

Salty waters, saltier than tears
wiped away all my fears, healed
my chilhood dreams and still
I’m the one who stares at the stars
while you only want to cuddle
tra un abbraccio troppo stretto
e un letto disfatto. Come and swim!
ti urlo dal largo e poi Go and win!

Tra le coperte ti sei perso nel sogno
che era il nostro disegno, così ti insegno
che new childhood memories come true
when you learn how to feel in the blue.

Mi tuffo. Was ist das? Si è aperta
una finestra ferita sul fondale più buio
ma non muoio and you appear.

Wer bist du? Was sind wir
hier zusammen? Respiri.
Die Stunden werden zu unseren Räumen.

how would you make the poetess happier?


Something orange. Life.
The royal power drowning a distance
between day and night.

Something blue. A new
ocean and another space to grow.
A vision coming true.

A different pace, one
infinite place and some
time to look at the horizon over there
pour inviter la fantaisie à danser et
pour me montrer telle que je suis.

Rubine red. Emerald green. And
that golden dream, always the same, always
longing to be transparence but still
very shiny and really mean.

A black woman dancing tribal sounds
and a white man wearing tribal symbols
are getting married out there in the infinite universe
et je travaille pour leur fête:
a bouquet of roses and violets, a picture
of my world and a brand new song.

Je chante! Do I belong?

how would you make the poetess happier?