Ma quanti worlds to discover and words to remember and swords to be blended with new happier ends E quanti Kreise und Räume e vicoli e spigoli che accecan la luce per fare la pace[…]

heimliche Flitterwochen

Sceglier Parigi sarebbe stato semplice car à Montmartre il y a toujours de bonnes raisons pour tomber amoureux aber was wenn wir nicht mehr Recht haben wollen und was wenn wir uns nichts einfallen lassen?[…]


Komm, wir gehen jetzt heim. You say and I follow you, and I fall on the way again and again in love with your eye. Ero piccola, ma vi seguivo e seguendovi spostavo orizzonti e[…]

Hello weaning!

Nei panni dei mostri. It’s funny how right we can feel when we are left alone with the terror of being just another one. Da cosa mi vesto? Forse da zombie? Ma fa così anni[…]


Where are you? HO OH where are the lovely memories you shared with us? Da quando sei morto è tutto più spento e io sento, AHA se lo sento! il peso del tempo, tempio che[…]


Something orange. Life. The royal power drowning a distance between day and night. Something blue. A new ocean and another space to grow. A vision coming true. A different pace, one infinite place and some[…]

0 #fantasie

Mi faccio in quattro per te. Oh JE, oh JE. Provo a darti numeri più grandi per mostrarti l’infinito ma è una lettera quel che quadra il cerchio e da quando canto ho capito che[…]

ehy! AH!

The mirror got broken last night so I’m getting dressed without even seeing my smile but since I know how I feel by closing my eyes I’ll be wearing something purely white and be a[…]

c’est la vie

Je. J is the first letter of a wonderful name, my very J, my capital letter, my anchor to this crazy time. Joy is my ode to life, my cross to bear when you are[…]