im Fluss des Lebens

Conto le monete che ho in testa, non sono abbastanza e non sono mai troppe, come le tue mani nella mia stanza. One hundred and ten, nine thousand, infinite love. Pensavo al reddito di base[…]

golden playtimespaces

I like to spend my time donating moments to what I love. Hingabe ist meine Gabe, wobei ein Geschenk ist immer frei and if I love to donate myself to the incredible wonders of the[…]


To get lost on the way home, to believe, to call by Name, to be lieve, come neve, per nasconder vecchie strade, per rinascere d’estate nelle granite colorate e nelle musiche mai stanche di celebrar[…]

fall in love

TOC TOC my lover, are you ready? Are you already wearing some brand new eyes? TIC TAC yes. You’re coming. Ich glaube an Gott nicht, ich weiß, dass du Gott bist. Ich weiß, wenn DU[…]

James’ conception

Last night we talked and talked about physics and the origin of the universe. You remember? Mais non, t’ais tous oublié parce-que on a fait l’amour aussi fort que on est sorti debout sur la[…]