the good old colours and some new nuances

It is now completed!

The series of world poetry pieces around rainbows, titled “arc-en-ciel”, can be read following the related tag or choosing a favourite colour right away:

red – RED
orange – ARANCIO
yellow – JAUNE
green – GRÜN
blue – AZUL
indigo – OLTREMARE
violet – VIOLET

I would suggest reading this series not as one single rainbow told in seven chapters, but as seven different rainbows, where for each appearance another colour emerges.

These pieces have been written at different times, thus conveying different feelings and emotions, sometimes contrasting, witnessing different moments.

I followed the path from the sky to the ground, starting from red and proceeding downwards, with an exception for the indigo, which I left as last one. Why?

We experience main colours as a set of nuances, and everyone has a different idea about what yellow or green is. When a main colour is called, we are free to imagine the nuance that best suits their feelings and that moment or their ideals. This is not the case for indigo.

Since the colour indigo is normally quite hard to be distinguished in between blue and violet, and since all the possible existing nuances are to be found in a rainbow, I picked up another more familiar one, that is ultramarine, and chose to go with it. The chosen nuance can be shifted both towards blue and towards violet, making it more interesting to explore, resonating in me like a bridge into further dimensions, and further nuances!

I ended up discovering that, to me and to my experience, the infinite number of shades we group under a few different names, be them colours or people or animals or … everything, is only One entity telling all its ways of vibration in different settings.

Infinity is the most beautiful and perfect expression of the underlying unity of all creations.

Colours are going then to be further investigated, endlessly, within the collection “soulitudes” (in English only) under the tag nuances.

Hope you enjoy reading them!