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Mese: febbraio 2021

once upon

the piece below appeared last year in the issue nr.8 – titled UNFUG –  of the magazine “Yoga im Kopf” by Julia Freiberg, welches gleichzeitig Workbook und Inspiration ist.

a place
– can you imagine? –
fisso nei ricordi di un tempo
where everything was just a thing
there, there
was this tiny tiny thing,
anway smaller
than the smallest kiss
a tiny tiny thing that
became suddenly so huge and big
oh! there, esplose.
daneben, nur Nebel
in einem Gefühl von Geborgenheit,
die keiner sehen könnte
e un abbraccio grande
rimasto senza gambe
senza cuore, senza testa,
alles umfassend, alles
schon wieder
mi sono persa in chiacchiere

squarcio d’Amore

I had a dream tonight
of a wundervoller humanity
senza soldi né sogni,
senza armi né bisogni,
together, never lonely

ferita aperta
a guarire il Chaos

finestra aperta
sul grande Cosmo

an open eye
on the living universe

endless creators
in the recreation vom

Alles – und
wo wollen wir
sein? in reinem Licht? OH
nein! ich nicht! I want to
be schmutzig, I want to matter, be
ridiculously happy
d’esistere un secondo

un respiro


ancora un altro


Oh, – w h y – am I
still missing?