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Autore: Marta Gazzola


all the things in blue I saw
are the things that I don’t know,
are all things that I can’t miss,
all the things I still dismiss.

Himmel. ocean.

trasparenze tra buio e luce,
fiorellini di cielo
per corpi terrestri,
tra passi e parole che dissi
e che ora ripeto, nell’impeto
di una risposta senza domanda.

le nom d’une rue, au numéro 5.

all the things in blue you saw
are the things you’ll never know,
are the things you’ll never see
till you choose to let all go
and to follow He who’s free.

a feather, ein Fisch. Edelsteine.
Keine Rose, sondern


in front of the river
I wish I could speak water

pour lui dire que
je n’ai plus aucune idée
di come fare a tuffarmi
ora che
i sassi asciutti non sono più fermi.

under the sky I wish
I could speak human
ma non trovo più le parole,
rotolate alla fine del Sole,
rotolate ai confini di mondi,
die ich nie benenne.

tra gli abbracci degli alberi
I wish
I could not tell any word
ma ancora blatero e rovino il silenzio.


I feel the Earth

the universe is singing
and I




rubando minuti a questi attimi infiniti
per trovare una voce
per cui esser capace

to behave in the meaning.

indigo (twilight, twilight)

Walking alone

alone talking about Nature
and the divine forces
behind us creatures

I heard the spirits
whispering loud
to talk to the natural
– not to the crowd.

Opened my eyes,
the heart and the soul
to be filled with the Spirit
who cannot be told.

We walked further down
till the gate where I stop
and He opened my hand
and my arms to the world

we create altogether
on the ways that we chose

where the flowers are blooming
as their days have now come.