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a poetical journey in 123 pieces

becoming human

The poetry collection “Becoming Human: a poetical journey” is now available as ebook and in print!


“written with the voice of a mother talking with her child to be, all the nine months through pregnancy until birth, this is a collection for everybody who is seeking freedom, love, joy and gratefulness.”

ISBN 978883415532 – ebook
ISBN 9788835332572 – print

second time lucky

a very sweet waiting time,
waiting for you, baby of mine.

a pretty cold spring, sunshine.

the same red dress, filled
with more and more love, silk.

the same old process, without the judge.
some seeds, a garden, an evermoving edge.

and the sky above.
your brother. my flowers. a Dove.

this poem is part of a collection of 123 poems titled
Becoming Human: a poetical journey