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beyond my tongue, over my horizon

(detachment and joy) terrestrial blue

we were sitting in the square,
under the circle of a golden street light,
singing a song to let our shadows
dance in delight

then a thunder broke into the sky
and the sky cracked and a huge crowd
of dropping drops dropped down

and we started walking into the town

but how
could we see Him?

along the main road
at the big central cross
was sitting an old man,
smiling to strangers
to turn them to friends,
shaking the hands
of those meant to leave,
or telling the stars
to turn off the dream.

in the following hours,
on a narrow side street,
we met a new river
and the roots of a tree
longing for rain days,
looking for You

and we are now resting
and share our views.

what’s happening?

this evening

we are all going to die,
for He – All that is living –

will live our lives.

lime (living sweeter than sweeteners)

I wished I could
tell all the truth
and so I did and
my wish came true.

I wished I could
be seen and see
and so I saw
but I did not find me
until I saw
such a beauty around me!

Then I wished
I couldn’t be hurt
but it did hit me so hard
I could not breathe and my heart
got broken in the pain,
and that pain, that pain, it healed me
and so my desire.

So I never wished
I could be desired. I wasn’t

and I wished
I could grasp the whole
and I reached nothing, nothing at all!

Now I just know
I can belove.

honeydew (lighter is the green)

how many hands
can a heart have?

how many breathes
can a life sustain?

how much sand
there is at the bottom
down of the sea
and how many bees
around a Christmas tree?

are my chains
still on?
are your freedoms
free kingdoms already?

Let the answers be found
in the sound
of a little seed, growing,

shaping its story

out of its round.

Let us be the ground
of our rooms
in reality.

Are we ready
for the bigger dimension?

Sweet is the house
that we do not question.