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the good old colours and some new nuances

It is now completed!

The series of world poetry pieces around rainbows, titled “arc-en-ciel”, can be read following the related tag or choosing a favourite colour right away:


I would suggest reading this series not as one single rainbow told in seven chapters, but as seven different rainbows, where one colour emerges and is being told.

Colours are going to be endlessly part of my writings, within the newborn collection nuances.


Dove vado a prendere
le vele e le corde
per navigar gli scogli?

I have long been looking for foreigners
with a big smile and the feeling
of knowing them all
since the beginning of time.

Si alzan le acque.

I thought it was a matter
of distance or deepness
but now I understand
and see
the masks I have been wearing.

L’ultima isola scompare
e intorno a me riemerge
il grande grande mare.
Sono pronta a salpare.

Wohin, se non conosco direzione?

Dorthin. Da
wo nichts und keine fremd ist.
Dort. Dort ist der Grund
wo wir ALLEN glückselig sind.
Fühlst du es nicht?

Trovo un attracco, tocco
un suolo che non è più solo roccia
e sorrido.

Da sein ist
mein größtes Glück, mein Wunder,
meine Hand, mein Herz in Deins.

Here is the end
of loneliness.

We are going to return
to Oneness.


In your day
you are looking far away
in the sky, looking for
un profumo, un ricordo nuovo,
una luce che credevi
per sempre persa.

Scosti dal volto
e dalla tua grotta lanci il grido irrisolto
di sempre.

Oh, Gott wo bist du? Warum
ist hier immer so dunkel?
Es funkelt
ein Stern im himmlischen Frieden
ma ti volti a cercare
la tua coda, ferita.

Cosa sei?

Quella stella non è una promessa vuota
ma an incredible world
for an amazing journey,

per una dolce casa.

Da domani inizierà nuova vita.