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two colours in white

orange is the dancing of all the living things,
orange are the fruits I wear now on my lips,
orange is the sky when shadows fall apart,
orange is a start.

orange are the words
I spelled to make you mine:
you are the one that I can multiply.

pink is just me
willing to be.

the daughter (a second experiment)

How comes that the three
becomes a full four? How does
the added one get the floor?

And if it is me
that wants to be three, how
do I get back home?

But since it is you
out there in the blue
wearing a suit and trying to
spring, I’m going to stay.

We will dance forever and ever
till the end of the last day
just as two lovers, just as you say.

in cielo e in terra

Ti trucco, proprio come fa il mago
con la sua magia più preziosa.
Ti vesto e ti armo, come ogni rosa,
come i cavalieri che affrontan il drago.

Esco, sbocci sull’uscio
e sulla via, io con te, fiorisco.
Ma ritorno, solo richiudo
il portone, e piango.

Everyday I’m on stage. Never
and ever I will heal this fever.

Outside in the daylights I find
that world which I dream all the night,
in delight. I’m the witch whose mind
spells the words which recreates the might
that once and forever says:
one more dance, and then again and again and again and …

Riposo. Sulle mie guance
fiumi di vita scorron giocosi e sereni.
Riflesse sulle lunghissime lance,
le rose non han più spine né pensieri.

Occhi di terra, e le tue labbra, verdi.

My heart is too too big to be just yours and mine,
so let me go, let me be! Let me obey
the glory and its beautifully bending way.

Ho raccolto le lacrime in un calice azzurro
e ora brindo ma non ballo, qui, solo. Aspetto
che tu sia mia, per volare via

una volta ancora, e poi ancora e ancora e ancora e ancora e …