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Tag: growing up

light green shocking pink

Summer begins
with a great happy ending

and the Spring, it springs
out of my memory

as I look at the skyes
ready to bow
again to the ground
to get back to the roots
of life, our family,

One soul.

saved (our souls)

Una grande pioggia e fortissimo vento
a calmar la tempesta di sabbia.

Castelli di rabbia che fragili crollano
nel mostrare che il sogno era spinto dall’incubo
di restare da soli senza la mamma
nel silenzioso cosmo deserto.

How many feelings can we tell in a second?
Which is the memory
we are going to keep feeding?

Je suis perdue. Une fanfare
me redonne le sens de les temps.

We won’t follow dreams anymore,
nor will we build on the wounds
d’un passato tremendo but
we will smile to our fellows
e impareremo ad amarci
nell’azzurro splendente.

Le Soleil est revenu
ad illuminar le stelle nel blu ora morente.

Tutto è come è.

Non siamo più bambini impauriti. We are
the fathers, the mothers

di questo momento.

that evening when

We talked
about paper, water,
bacteria and the microscope.
Then you asked
about the Sun and later
about rockets and the far away stars
in our universe.

Lost in my old book
where Pluto was still a planet,
big brown eyes wide opened
looking at graphics,
feeling the ground
moving around

We laughed, altogether.

This is how
our Life got brighter
and you, bigger.