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I was looking at that tree
as always, when I dared to be,
and you were far away from me,
lost in a vision you could not yet see.

How did we
meet se non per caparbietà,
per l’illusione di poterci sottrarre
al nostro destino?

Mi parlavano di libertà e d’amore
e io, io credevo di non aver metà né fine
but one path had been chosen for me, too
and it is a path full of wonders.

It is

a life in the existing universes.

Ich bin da, wherever
you are, whenever
si tracci il tuo cammino e tu,
Tu sei dove noi due, tutti

diventiamo uno.

That path is your History, come
and tell Me

how to turn – a dove!
into Life all the golden miseries.

our Playtimespaces

I sold my past chains

to get free, to get in the veins
new blood and the energy
um zu Leben, to sustain
this big huge Present
I received yesterday.

So I have this Yoga Lehrerin
like an old Hollywood star
and at the Hairdresser’s
I do feel very wichtig
when I look at myself in the dark
of my weird weird thinking
about Life and about
our tiny Puppenhaus.

But here at home I know Reality
as just another role to play
und mache euch die Bühne frei
denn die Zeit geht schnell worbei.

Ci sarà, alla fine,
un applauso da sentire?

M’inchino a mi accorgo del Chaos
hier im unseren Märchenhaus
e trovo anche il mio vecchio mantello
to be again the cosmic Queen
I never dared to be but within
the timeless space
of a greater human race.

Uno scettro di nulla
per scomparir dalla Terra
o una corona di fiori
per celebrarne i colori?

Lass mich mal nur Mutter sein.
Lass mein Bauch mehr Platz, more joy
and a still green lilac
to dream of a daughter,
to be with my boys.


Sposto montagne
per cambiare il corso del fiume
I keep on dancing
when the stars are down and the lightning
shines to break me

Kennst du auch dieses Buch
wo die Bärchen lächeln
und the story tells always the same
old truth?

Davanti al fiume dorme
una grossa pietra
ma la storia m’insegna
che dobbiamo gridare
per spaccarla
e sarà già another day
in the green golden valley.

Pioveranno stelle
als Wünschen zum Feiern
and the streets will show us
a new path
to thousands more fires.

Look! The river is flowing.