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oh Mamma!
corri qui e abbracciami!

Non ti curare
dei castelli di plastica
che ho costruito
mentre tu eri lontana.
Il mio cuore
ha già perdonato.


Ti prego, perdonami.


Original English version here

a first prayer

oh, Father! Where
were you when I
was given all the answers?

Holding their points I
lost my question marks
and now that you are there
I only have my hands
to offer.

Forgive my curiosity
and please tell me
how to keep this emptiness.

an Italian translation is available here

never been to Hawaii

oh Mother!
come to me and hug me tight

these plastic castles
I have been building while
you were far far away.
My heart
has already forgiven.

See me.

Please forgive me.

Thank You.

an Italian translation is available here