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Tag: recreation

on the day when I reached another degree of freedom

die weiße Spinne
let the web down

and I was – happily –
nur noch on my own

– I be tree, be forest, be Life –

when the old white spider
lasciò andare la trama
per dare modo al Kosmos
di seguir la Natura
e arrivare fin qui:
are we [ ] ?

– mais oui!

les étoiles désormais
sont dès points slegati
dai miti dei padri

as many lights ora entrano
nel nostro universo.

how many worlds
are we going to allow?

all of them
– and none.

squarcio d’Amore

I had a dream tonight
of a wundervoller humanity
senza soldi né sogni,
senza armi né bisogni,
together, never lonely

ferita aperta
a guarire il Chaos

finestra aperta
sul grande Cosmo

an open eye
on the living universe

endless creators
in the recreation vom

Alles – und
wo wollen wir
sein? in reinem Licht? OH
nein! ich nicht! I want to
be schmutzig, I want to matter, be
ridiculously happy
d’esistere un secondo

un respiro


ancora un altro


Oh, – w h y – am I
still missing?

selbstbewusste Selbstlosigkeit

Cambio casa, e ritorno
al tempo in cui il tempo
non era che un sogno,
e imparo
once again
die Kunst eines Lebens
senza bisogno,
piena di vuoti
a riempire il disegno.

What could I ask then
to the years to follow?

We were going to learn that
everyone is sacred,
everything is wonderful
so I was gonna ask
nothing but a little own ground
per il nostro nuovo Castello.

Lass uns dort treffen.
Lass uns noch glauben
an der Unendlichkeit
unserer eigenen Kräfte.

On va devenir
l’histoire d’un débâcle

et puis
we are going to set free
every stone and each

to be

opposites in action.