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Tag: summer

light green shocking pink

Summer begins
with a great happy ending

and the Spring, it springs
out of my memory

as I look at the skyes
ready to bow
again to the ground
to get back to the roots
of life, our family,

One soul.


So as summer goes on,
reaches its highest light
before the dark,

I plunge in my deepest down
per cercar di trovare
quel che mi vuole insegnare.

Ma nulla trovo
finché tutto cerco
et alors
je vais rester toute seule
finché non sarà l’estate
a portarmi dalle storie
che son maturate e le altre
resteran perdute.

And so my summer goes on
as I learn, on my own,
how to wait for the fall
to rise up,
to rise on.